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Rules for Hunting with Safari Trails International

  • It is by law that while hunting, no alcohol may be drunk during the day, not even a light beer with lunch. You may only drink alcohol once the day’s hunting is complete and rifles are safely locked away.
  • An animal is determined if it is wounded or not, if any blood is found taking a shot at an animal, make sure you are comfortable with taking the shot, as any wounded animal must be paid for in full.
  • If an animal is wounded, and you are not able to back the shot up, it is your PH’s responsibility to follow up with a shot if possible to prevent the animal from getting away and suffering. This is done at your PH’s discretion and is non-negotiable.
  • When driving with your rifle in front of the vehicle, the barrel must
    point downwards to the floor of the vehicle and must always be unloaded.
  • You may fill your rifle’s magazine with bullets at the start of each
    hunting day, but may only load on your PH’s instruction.
  • When driving on a public road with your rifle to hunt on other ranches, it is by law that the rifle must be transported in a gun case and all firearms must be fully unloaded. ( e.g. no bullets in the magazine)
  • If you are climbing over a fence, always check and make sure your rifle is unloaded.
  • While you are walking and stalking animals, the rifle must always be unloaded and pointing up in the air or pointing to the ground.
  • At the end of each hunting day, rifles must be handed in for safe keeping.

Happy hunting!!!!!!!!