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Temporary imports of firearms and ammunition into South Africa

We recommend you log onto the official South African Police website www.saps.gov.za for finer details regarding the temporary import of you rifle or www.professionalhunters.co.za for advice and details.  Below, we have summarized the basics:

In order to get a temporary import permit for your rifles and ammunition you will need to complete a (SAP 520) form which you can get from the above mentioned website.  It is advisable to fill out this form beforehand to save time.

There are additional requirements along with the SAP 520 form, which are as follows:

  • NB!!! Certified/Notarized copy of your Passport
  • Copy of your airline tickets or itinerary
  • NB!!! Certified/Notarized copy of Proof of ownership / license of rifle
  • For USA citizens, you need to have a 4457 form stamped by your local authorities, which should be available at your nearest airport. (Please check the date on these forms, as these forms do expire)
  • Proof that your firearms have been legally exported. Again, for USA citizens, the 4457 form is acceptable, and for non-USA citizens, either an official export permit or an official affidavit stating the info below from your government agency of residence.
  •  First and last name of person as well as passport number
  • That they may temporarily export their firearms for hunting purposes to South Africa
  • The details of the firearms including the serial numbers
  • Amount of ammunition accompanying each caliber
  • The dates of their hunting safari”
  • Invitation Letter from the Hunting Outfitter which we will provide you.
  • Motivation Letter from Client. A short letter to say that you will be hunting with the rifle for the duration of your stay and it will ONLY be used for the purpose of hunting under your PH’s guide.

All of this information is on the SAPS website and if you just follow the steps you should have no problem getting your firearms and ammunition into South Africa. NB!!! Do not sign the SAPS 520 form. It must be signed in front of the police official issuing the actual permit at the airport. The form must be filled in black ink.

On the websites, you will also find the regulations on the actual rifle/s you want to bring in i.e.

  • Automatic or Semi-Automatic rifles, pistols or revolvers are not allowed into South Africa.
  • You may not bring out two or more of the same calibers.
  • No more than 200 rounds of ammunition per person, per firearm, are permitted.
  • All ammunition needs to be brought out in a lockable ammo box and transported in your checked luggage.
  • You must be older than 21years to be able to obtain a Temporary Import Permit.

Professional Hunter’s Association of South Africa (PHASA) offers a service at an extra cost, and they apply for your temporary import permit beforehand so that when you arrive, it is all sorted out.  For more information on this service, log onto their website, www.professionalhunters.co.za or contact them at admin@phasa.co.za

 If you decide to use this service, please note the following:

  • The CFR will not accept applications handed in less than 3 weeks prior to you arriving in South Africa
  • Applications for semi-automatic shotguns needs to be handed in at least 6 weeks prior to you arriving in South Africa
  • No applications for these permits will be accepted without the following documents being Certified/Notarized:
  1. Copy of the Passport
  2. Copy of Proof of ownership / licence

If you wish to avoid all the legalities, we do have rifles for rental at $30,00 per day, with ammunition at cost.