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Cites Animals

In order to get Cites Appendix 1 animals home you would have needed to apply for an import permit from your country of origin before you came on safari.  We would then apply for the export permit for you.  In order to obtain the export permit we need your import permit from your country of origin.

In order to get your Cites appendix 2 animals home, we will first get your export permit for you.  It is then very important when you get back home, to apply for your import permit.  This can be done at your local Fish and Wildlife department.

The only animal on our price list that you will need to get the import permit for when you get back home, is the Bontebok.

Cites animals on our price list are:

Monkeys, Red Lechwe, Blue Duiker, Bontebok, Caracal, African Wild Cat, Baboons and Hartmann’s Zebra.  Please note that these are all Appendix 2 animals.