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Hunting Lodges Mozambique

Chawalo Safari Area

Nestled on the banks of the mighty Zambezi river, 13 km downstream of the confluence with the famous Luangwa river, is Chawalo Safari Lodge.

Chawalo Safari Lodge offers it’s visitors some welcome comfort in what can only be described and real, raw, rural Africa. Stunningly beautiful scenery and sunsets, with plentiful bird life and the ever present hippo and croc’s, interrupted only by local villagers and fishermen passing by on their small boats, makes the lodge the perfect place to relax and unwind after busy days in the pursuit of big and small game alike.

This is true wild Africa, the area is vast and the hunting pure. Challenging, yes ! Rewarding, most definitely!

Although it has taken many years of dedicated conservation and anti-poaching, we believe we are now on the winning side and game populations are recovering well. With still conservative hunting quotas, we are improving every year with incredible trophies being taken on a regular basis. Although not for the hunter looking for large bag safaris, Chawalo Safari Area offers the discerning hunter an amazing experience and the opportunity at some excellent trophies. While it is the overall outdoor, hunting experience we are trying to offer our esteemed clients, we still do our best to get you the quality animals you deserve.

Chawalo Safari Area ”For a Lifetime” . A life time of dreams and memories.