Other important information.

Travel Planning

To reach us in the Eastern Cape you will need to fly into Port Elizabeth (PLZ). Your international flight will land in either Johannesburg (JHB) or Cape Town (CPT) and then catch a connecting flight to Port Elizabeth. Depending on what airline you fly and what country you are coming from, you should be able to connect through to PLZ without an overnight stop in Johannesburg.

You can try the following agencies for travel assistance:

• Travel Express - travelexpress@montana.com
• Gracy Travel International (Debbie Gracy) - debbie@gracytravel.com
• Custom Travel ( Debbie) - debbie@customtrav.agencymail.com
• Discover Africa - petra@discoverafrica.net 

If you do need to stay over, there are a number of good hotels right at the airport or many guest houses very close to the airport with shuttles available.
I prefer the City Lodge at the O.R.Tambo airport. ( Johannesburg airport) - clort.resv@citylodge.co.za or www.citylodge.co.za

Travel Documents

• Current passport ( Valid for 6 months on your return with at least 2 blank pages available )
• Visa – Please be advised by your travel agent (Not required for people traveling on a US passport)
• US customs form 4457, registering you weapon in the USA.
• SAP 520 form for the temporary import of your firearm/s. click here to download instructions on how to complete the SAP 520 form.
• Motivation letter – stating that you are traveling on safari and require the firearm for hunting purposes.
• Invitational letter from you hunting outfitter, including hunting outfitter`s full contact details.
• Medical records
• Tickets and reservations – Make sure you read instructions, such as confirmation times, check in times and departure times carefully
• Cash
• Travel insurance details


There are many types of insurance that one can take out for a trip like this. From lost baggage to loss of trophies. In our opinion, most of which are not worth the money.
However the one that we do consider very worthwhile is the medical and evacuation insurance offered by Global Rescue. There is a link in the page to their site. Please take a look.

Medical requirements

The Eastern Cape of South Africa does not require any vaccinations or special shots. It is a malaria free area so malaria prophylactics are not necessary. However, to have your Tetanus and Hepatitis A & B shot up to date would be advisable.

Taxidermy & Dip and Pack

We work closely with two companies in the Eastern Cape:

1. Karoo Taxidermy, located in the historical town of Graaff Reinet, Eastern Cape. Please feel free to visit their website on the following link to see how they can be of assistance to you.

2. Splitting Image Taxidermy, located in the city of Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. Please feel free to visit their website on the following link to see how they can be of assistance to you.

Hunting Rules

• No alcohol will be consumed at any time during a hunting day, this includes light beers at lunch. Alcohol may only be consumed once the hunting has been terminated for the day.
• All wounded animals must be paid for in full. An animal is deemed wounded when blood or other visual signs are found or when the PH and tracker both agree that the animal was wounded.
• Back up shots on wounded animals will be at the discretion of the PH, although he will try giving the hunter all reasonable opportunity to finish off his own animal, he will shoot if he feels the animal will escape and suffer or be a danger to others.
• When driving with your rifle in the front of the vehicle the barrel must be pointed down to the floor at all times. The rifle must also be unloaded.
• At the start of each hunting day you may fill your magazine but may only chamber a round when your PH instructs you to do so.
• All firearms are to be in a gun case while driving on public roads. It can be a soft case. The firearm is to be completely unloaded whilst travelling.
• At the end of each day the rifle should be made safe and packed away.


Safari Trails International has a range of branded apparel available for sale. Please inquire from you PH or outfitter.