Firearm import information.

Temporary Imports of firearms and ammunition into South Africa.

Our best advice to you is to use one of the expediters for this process. They charge a nominal fee for this service and it takes so much of the hassle out of your hands. Below is list of ones we have used in the past.

PHASA ( preferred)
Air2000 - 

If you book your tickets with Gracy Travel, they have their own firearm import service to assist you.
You can also visit the South African Police Services website to get all the information you will need.

A summary of what to do and what you will need.

• Complete a SAP 520 form. Downloadable from
• A certified/notarized copy of your passport.
• Copy of your airline ticket or itinerary.
• A certified/notarized copy of proof of ownership / license of firearm.
• For USA citizens you need to have a 4457 form stamped by your local customs, most likely at your nearest airport. (Do not let them tell you that you do not need this, YOU DO).
• Proof that the firearm has been legally exported. Form 4457 for USA citizens. For other nationalities either an export form or a letter from the authorities.
• An invitation letter from your hunting outfitter. Stating the place of the hunt, hunt dates and what animals are to be hunted as well as the firearm details.
• Motivational letter from the client (you) to say that the firearm will only be used for hunting purposes and only while under your PH’s guidance.
All the information is on the SAPS website and if you follow the steps you should have no problems. Please do not sign the form; it must only be signed when you are in front of the SAPS official issuing the permit at the airport. The form must be filled out in Black Ink.
On the website you will find the regulations of what you may and may not bring, for example:
• No automatic or semi-automatic rifles or pistols allowed.
• You may not import two or more of the same caliber, unless you have a very strong motivation and then it must be done well ahead of time.
No more than 200 rounds of ammunition per firearm.
• All ammunition must be brought in a lockable ammo box. Check with the airline on their policies regarding traveling with ammo.
• You must be 21 or older to import a firearm to SA.

Again, please consider using the expediters. They are professionals and using their services is money well spent.

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