What to bring.

Rifle Calibre/s 

For plains game & Crocodile hunting, I would recommend something in the .300 class, like a .300 WSM or .300 WBY or 30.06 Springfield. For dangerous game a .375 is the minimum that one should consider and is also the legal minimum.
NOTE: 1) Please check with airlines on requirements for traveling with firearms! 2) Always hunt with the rifle that you are confident and comfortable with

Rifles can be hired from STM @ $30 per day plus ammunition costs.


Ammunition loaded with premium bullets is strongly advised. Bullets such as, Swift A-Frame, Barnes X, Trophy Bonded Bear Claw or other premium bullets should be considered. Solids are only necessary for elephant hunting. Please discuss what and how much ammo to bring with us, as there are regulations and surcharges that you may not be aware of.


Items that you may need or want on your trip.

• Good, reliable camera with spare battery and spare SD cards.
• Video camera, charger and extra cards.
• Binoculars – Each person on the safari must have their own pair. A good pair of at least 8X or 10X – not the tiny compact models, would be advisable.
• Ear plugs – For the airplane ride when you are trying to rest and for sighting in your gun.
• Scope – A good quality variable scope ( 2-7, 3-9 etc ) is equally as important as your rifle. Remember for dangerous game a low power scope is essential – eg. 1.5 – 5.
• Ammunition belt.
• Flashlight with spare batteries.
• Gun cleaning kit or a “Bore-Snake”, plus gun oil.
• Ammo belt or pouch.
• A bi-pod if you use one. Shooting sticks are not needed, your PH will have a set.
• Your gun safety manners.
• Good supply of reading material in your carry-on baggage for the long flight over or for use in camp. The flight is very lengthy – books, cards, magazines, etc…
• Candy for a sweet tooth ( Your P.H loves jolly ranchers! )
• Converter ( plug set ) – to convert your voltage to our currency of 220 volts.
• Leatherman – remember to put into your “check in“ luggage.
• Small backpack to carry cameras and miscellaneous items on daily hunts
• Certified copy of your passport and other relevant documents and packed in a separate travel case to the originals.
• Your sense of adventure and a good sense of humor
• Rifle case – 1) For the trip over, use a good quality, shock resistant, clearly marked, lockable rifle case to ensure the protection of your rifle   on route. 2) On safari use a soft case for easy mobility.
• Rifle sling & ammo pouch


Depending on what months you visit, the weather can range from cool in the mornings & evenings ( +- 40 – 50`F ), with warm weather in between ( +-70 – 80`F ), to hot and humid all day and night ( +-100`F ), which makes it difficult to pack. We find that layering is the easiest way around this. 

Please remember that laundry is done daily, so you need not pack too many items.

The following list will help you with your packing:

• Hunting shorts – 3 pairs
• Long trousers – 1 pairs
• belt
• Long sleeve hunting shirts and/or short sleeve hunting shirts – 3/4
• Evening and casual wear
• Hunting boots x1 – already worn in! Light weight and preferably waterproof.
• Canvas sneakers – for hunting along river`s edge. Easy to dry eg. Merrell or Salomon.
• Pair of camp shoes
• Socks – 4 pairs
• Underwear – 4 pairs
• light weight hunting jacket ( Brown, green or camo, layering is best )
• Warm sweaters - 2 ( layering is best )
• Hat or cap – dark colours only.
• Sleep wear
• Traveling clothes – 1 set
• Leather gloves – 1 pair
• Sunglasses
• Extra pair of prescription glasses
• Personal toiletries / shaving kit
• Tweezers
• Lip balm & lotion
• Eye drops
• Sun block
• Medication – 1) General - Sinus medication, Tylenol, antacid, anti – histamine, Dramamine (This is suggested if you are prone to car or air sickness) diarrhea (Imodium) and vomiting, etc  2) Prescription medication

I have been fortunate enough to have hunted the Chawalo area for many years. 

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