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Chawalo Lodge in Mozambique, is owned and managed by Russ and Julie Lovemore of “Safari Trails Mozambique.” The Lodge is situated on the northern bank of the Zambezi River, 15km downstream of Zumbo (the district capital of Tete Province). This area is also known as the Lower Zambezi Valley and runs into the Cahora Bassa Basin. 

Zumbo is on the eastern side of the confluence of the Zambezi and the Luangwa Rivers. On the western side is the town of Luangwa Feira, Zambia. Across the Zambezi on the southern bank is the village of Kanyemba, Zimbabwe. 

The Luangwa River is the Western boundary between Mozambique and Zambia. From here, the Cahora Bassa opens up into an amazing expanse of water with a catchment area of 56 927kmsq. 

Climate @ Chawalo

The best time to visit the Lower Zambezi River Valley is during the dry season from April through November. The weather starts off warm and dry with quite cool nights and early mornings, then progresses to hot and dry with warm nights by October/November.

Temperature ranges:

• June/July & August +- 40 – 50`F( evenings ) and +- 70 – 80`F ( midday )
• Outside of these months, temperatures rise.

Rainfall is very high from mid to late December through March.
Mozambique lies largely within the tropics, the climate is seasonal and tropical. Daily temperatures throughout the country average in the mid- to upper 70s °F (lower to mid-20s °C), with the highest temperatures occurring between October and February and the lowest in June and July. Uncomfortably warm average daily temperatures in the upper 80s °F (low 30s °C) are normal only in the upper Zambezi valley.


Our fishing guests typically take the Friday 06:35hrs flight from Oliver Tambo International (JHB South Africa), with carrier SA Airlink, arriving at Lusaka International Airport, Zambia at 08:35hrs. From Lusaka, a local charter flight is scheduled to Luangwa Feira, Zambia. Times for these flights will be confirmed with you bookings.

Our hunters would follow the same route but dates / flights will be arranged to connect with their international flight schedules.
VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE!!!!! It is of the utmost importance to note that all non SADEC passport holders, must acquire a DOUBLE ENTRY VISA into Zambia, upon arrival in Lusaka. All SADEC passport holders are to stamp into Zambia at Immigration, as they are taking a domestic flight to Luangwa Feira.

After paying Domestic Departure Tax (c. $25) at the airport tax desk (adjacent to the Domestic Departure Gate), clients will board the charter for Luangwa Feira.

At Luangwa Feira, a STI Mozambique representative will collect clients at the airstrip and proceed to the Zambian Immigration office, for their departure stamp from Zambia.

After clearing immigration, clients will board our boats with the assistance of our guides. They will cross the Luangwa River and cruise down the Zambezi towards Chawalo Lodge on the Northern shore. A scheduled stop at the little town of Zumbo (the port of entry into Mozambique), is required to clear immigration. 

Please note: We advise that when filling out your Visa entry form, at least 5 additional days are added to the duration of your intended stay. Once again, all non-SADEC passports are to have a Mozambican VISA in their passport, before arrival , from their country of residence, as no VISA facility is available in Zumbo.

After clearance into Mozambique via Zumbo, clients will proceed by boat to Chawalo Lodge. This short 20 minute cruise down the Zambezi will give you your first inkling into the unique world you are about to experience - ‘memories for a lifetime.’

After your safari, the same procedure is required, with visits to both Mozambique (Zumbo) and Zambian Immigration. 

For our fishing guests their charter leaves from Luangwa Feira for Lusaka on Fridays at 10:30hrs, their connecting flights depart Lusaka at 13:30hrs en route for OT International (JHB SA).

Once again our hunting guests’ travel times will be linked to their International flights.

To drive from JHB, please consult a GPS for the following markers. Johannesburg to Beitbridge (Border Crossing into Zimbabwe at Messina / Musina) - 550km

• To Harare – 600km
• To Mazoe – 35km
• To Mvurvi – 50km
• To Guruve – 50km
• To Mahuve – 30km
• To Mushumbi Pools – 30km
• To Angwa – 80km
• To Kanyemba – 70km


Cellular phone reception is available.
Available networks being:
• MTN-Zambia
• Econet-Zimbabwe
• MCel-Mozambique
Internet access charged at a nominal rate.
Please note that unfortunately connection is not always available or reliable.


Mozambique is a malaria area and prophylactics must be taken. Please speak with your physician in this regard. You will need to start your prophylactics a week before your date of departure.
Yellow Fever inoculation cards are compulsory for re-entry into JHB International, from Lusaka Airport. It is advisable to have it ready to produce at any customs check point on your trip.

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I would like to THANK you all for making our trip to SA a wonderful experience! The Doramus / Burnell family had the time of our lives! Don’t think I would change anything, except maybe my shot at the warthog!  Debbie and Christy from Gracy Travel – Absolutely fantastic! Russell and Julie, ... read more

~ The Doramus / Burnell Family