Robby & Penny Boepple

Hunters Name: Robby & Penny Boepple Logo V2
Dates Hunted: 25th June - 6th July 2016
PH: Russ Lovemore
Trophies Taken: Impala, Nyala, Waterbuck, Kudu, Red Hartebeest, Black Wildebeest, Warthog, Springbuck (2), Blue Wildebeest

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  • Meals and accommodation
The meals & accommodations were incredible! The days & evenings were filled with delicious bountiful meals, relaxing accommodations & wonderful people to share stories of the day's hunting adventure! Russ always had a glass of wine ready for us every evening to relax and enjoy the friendship of fellow hunters with.
  • PH's knowledge and guiding skills
Russ Lovemore has an impeccable skill level of not only hunting territory that he has experienced before, but also with unchartered territory that he has never hunted. He was extremely knowledgeable of the animals that we hunted and we were successful in harvesting the animals that I had listed for my South African safari. Russ was also accomodating, patient, and extremely considerate of my wife who was a non- hunter. He truly made her experience completely enjoyable and of course Fudge is her favourite South African Dog!
  • Overall service
Service was excellent!! Russ and all the incredible staff provided service above and beyond what we expected to experience.Russ was very informative on the fauna and flora of South Africa, along with the culture and the history. He answered all of our many questions and volunteered his philosophy and insight with inspirational " Russisms" that we will forever reflect on and treasure.
  • Any problems?
None...... other than having to come back to the heat and humidity of TEXAS!
  • Highlights
Our hunt overwhelmingly exceeded my expectations. The hunt was not a canned hunt but one that was pleasantly & unexpected much more challenging with the changing terrane and stalking of the animals. The hunt was filled with adventure, challenges, patience and incredible animals harvested as a reward!
  • Would you recommend this hunt
Yes! I highly recommend this hunt.
  • Overall experience
Our hunting safari was a life time of memories that we truly cherish! Russ and Safari Trails International provided us with an adventure filled with an incredible hunt, accommodations, food, and friends that have impacted our life and made our experience outstanding. Words cannot express our appreciation for being able to share this adventure together and we look forward to one day being able to do it again!!!!
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Robbie & Penny Boepple   Nyala

Robbie & Penny Boepple   Cape Kudu   Graaff Reinet

Robbie & Penny Boepple   Warthog   Graaff Reinet

Robbie And Penny S Letter Page 001