Jeff White

Hunters Name: Jeff White Logo V2
Dates Hunted: 16th May - 26th May 2016
PH: Russ Lovemore
Trophies Taken: Barbary Sheep, Tsessebe, Kudu, Eland, Vaal Rhebuck, Duiker, Warthog, Zebra

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  • Meals and accommodation
Remarkable meals and excellent accomodations wherever the hunt took place.
  • PH's knowledge and guiding skills
Russ' knowledge of animals / habitat / and trophy assessment was incredible! 
  • Overall service 
Details on all aspects very professional.
  • Any problems?
  • Highlights
Being able to travel in all directions to hunt specific animals and get it done.

  • Would you recommend this hunt
Highly recommended!
  • Overall experience
Wonderful to hunt / eat / experience the Eastern Cape animals and hospitality! 
  • Could we post your photo's and email address on our website?

Jeff White   Vaal Rhebok   Bedford

Jeff White   Cape Eland   Graaff Reinet