Jeff & Evyn Lewis

Hunters Name: Jeff & Evyn Lewis Logo V2
Dates Hunted: 22nd May - 27th May 2016
PH: Andrew Harvey
Trophies Taken: Sable, Blesbuck, Red Hartebeest, Zebra, Springbuck, Black Wildebeest, Gemsbuck

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  • Meals and accommodation
Wow! Meals & accommodations were excellent! The variety & quality of the food was excellent. We certainly never went hungry! Mount Camdeboo & The Aloe and Elephant accommodations were also excellent. Very clean and a sense of feeling at home. Very comfortable and private for our small group.
  • PH's knowledge and guiding skills
Excellent PH. His knowledge of the game & area made for a successful hunt. Andrew went out of his way to guide us in the fashion that we wanted. I did not feel as though we were toured around to simply shoot animals. We were a part of the hunt and he would listen to our comments through the hunt. He offered many options and listened to what our desires were. Very flexible which I feel is important.
  • Overall service 
Again.... Excellent! All of the parties involved in the experience were great. The staff, trackers, PH's and the staff behind the scenes that we rarely seen were all excellent. It felt more like a "friend" trip than it did a "client" hunt which is what we prefer!
  • Any problems?
Problems......absolutely not! I prefer more difficult hunts that some of the aspects of this hunt were. BUT, this hunt was not for me, it was for my son and it was exactly what I had hoped for him. There were parts that came easily and others that were difficult, which is exactly the part of the hunt that I wanted him to enjoy.
  • Highlights
My personal highlight was the spot and stalking of a Black Wildebeest and shooting it with my bow at 93 yards. However, the much more important and exciting highlight for me was having my son with me on safari and seeing his face light up when he was successful in shooting the animals. His desire to get up in the morning ( which is abnormal ) told me that he enjoyed himself. When asked if he would like to return, his answer was a definite "YES"! That to me spells success. Thank you Andrew and Team.
  • Would you recommend this hunt
Yes, yes, yes!!!!!
  • Overall experience
I learned a great deal on this hunt and I intend to hunt with Andrew again. I was provided with the experience that I was promised and hoped for. Job well done! I feel very fortunate to have been able to share this experience with Andrew and my son. Very special!!!
  • Can we email you for a reference to post on our website
Please do!
  • Could we post your photo's on our Facebook page?
Please do!

Jeff Lewis   Black Wildebeest   Graaff Reinet 

Evyn Lewis   Burchell Zebra   Graaff Reinet

Evyn Lewis   Gemsbuck   Graaff Reinet

Jeff Lewis   Sable   Aberdeen