James William Griffin

Hunters Name: James William Griffin Logo V2
Dates Hunted: 8th - 17th April 2016
PH: Russ Lovemore
Trophies Taken: Gemsbuck, Red Hartebeest, Kudu, Blue Wildebeest, Zebra & Warthog

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  • Meals and accommodation
The meals and the accommodation were phenomenal! Everything from the lodging, meals and staff were 5 - Star quality.
  • PH's knowledge and guiding skills
Russell provided, in short, the trip of a life time experience for a young hunter. He was able to make the week the best it could be! Russ displayed a wealth of knowledge of the animals, hunting tactics and sportsmanship! His ability to guide someone new to safaris was impeccable.
  • Overall service
The service was phenomenal from the hunting, the lodges, all the way to the staff. The trophies we acquired were spectacular, along with the trip itself. 
  • Any problems?
There were no problems with the safari at all. The only down side is how far away South Africa is from the States, but then again, sometimes that's a good thing.
  • Highlights
The highlight of the trip was being able to cover so much terrain in a short span. Learning new hunting tactics that we've never utilised in the States. Being able to successfully stalk multiple animals and have the pictures to prove it!
  • Would you recommend this hunt
I would recommend Russ as a PH. to anyone looking for an amazing hunt, regardless of skill level. I would recommend this hunt to any one of my friends / colleagues in a heartbeat!
  • Overall experience
The overall experience of this trip was phenomenal to say the least! The exposure to new hunting styles such as stalking from miles away, was one of the most eye opening experiences one could have.
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James Griffin   Gemsbuck   Graaff Reinet
James Griffin   Warthog   Graaff Reinet