I LOVE my job!

09 June 2017


What a life! Fudge and her sister, Diesel, both jack russell cross b... Read more


05 May 2017

Good morning friends,

As you know Russ & Cal have worked tirelessly to try and put management systems in place that protect and support the fauna and flora of Chawalo. Russ has this p... Read more

Brothers in Arms!

04 May 2017
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Russ and Andy have been friends and have hunted together since 2000. They started hunting for the same outfitter in the Eastern Cape as novices way back then. They both eventually started their ... Read more

The new baby!

04 May 2017
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After the sad loss of Cady, Calvin and Jo are proud to announce the arrival of their new baby boy named Mvura ( meaning water or Rain ) because he arrived with the first rains of the season.

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The kindness of others

25 March 2015

 “Care for Zumbo” is the community charity associated with Chawalo Lodge. This charity is run by a lovely young lady named Avery Olson, who is a Biomedical Science Major in the USA. She is ... Read more

Sunsets @ Chawalo Lodge

18 March 2015

There is something about a sunset, but there is something really magical about the sunsets at Chawalo! Take a look at these photos then come and join us on the banks of the Zambezi and experienc... Read more

New babies on Chawalo!

16 March 2015
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There is just something so cute about a new born kid! The 4 legged type!Welcome to Chawalo little chaps!

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Bitter sweet!

24 February 2015

What a "bitter sweet" day!

As you may or may not know, the annual "rainy season" is in itself a "bitter sweet" event, because the land is so dry and begging for the life giving moisture, ... Read more